“Hey, wow, welcome back!”


“So, uh, your hair looks longer!”

“Yeah, like my debt.”

“How was Paris?!”

“I wasn’t in Paris.”


<Pivot towards bar>

“Those are amazing pictures.”

“They were amazing times.”

“You looked so, dare I say it, happy.”

“Yeah; that life is over, now.”


7 Responses to “Echelon”

  1. res ipsa Says:

    why so cheery?

  2. N Says:

    practising conversation-killers ? 😉

  3. D.T.L.F. @ INSEAD Says:

    Déjà vu

  4. D.T.L.F. @ INSEAD Says:

    No need to practice; I’m a fucking pro.

  5. mbamrs Says:

    your blog is hilarious. love it.
    i just started my own – class of D09! would love it if you linked me!

  6. N Says:

    Hey, it’s been a month!! Time to write someting!

  7. D.T.L.F. @ INSEAD Says:

    N, check your mail.

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