Saturday April 5, 2008 ii


After a week and a half of sleeplessness, I finally got some rest last night after draining a fraction of the emotions that had been building up for so long. Cathartic as it was, this didn’t do much more than put me to sleep.

I’m in another nameless, faceless city, typing by the fading sunlight creeping through broken shutters, trying to keep the rushing thoughts at bay. My mind is the embodiment of chaos, only capable of looking backward into the bits and bytes of burning memories; running into the familiar, endless wall of Technicolor grey whenever I try to look forward. Whereas others gaze outward upon plains of possibility, all I see are killing fields peppered with carcasses of broken dreams and shards of shattered hopes.

“Is there nothing you dream about? Is there nothing you hope for?”


“Really? Think.”

“Well…damn. Yeah, I guess I do dream, about…”

“Yes; yes you do.”


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