Wedesday April 2, 2008


94 days left.

“Live At Trance Energy 04-20-00” set – Ferry Corsten

I’m sitting here decompressing from another west wing extravaganza, so hungry that my stomach is inverted, so tired that random flashes of light and little purple men are dancing a jig on this desk in front of me, and so fucked that I broke the will of someone today whose job it is to not be broken. Pretty awesome. I think that’s a new personal best.

“If it was anyone else sitting here, I’d recommend <drastic measures>. But you’re not someone else. I get the feeling that you’re used to this; that this is pretty standard operating procedure for you. That you know how to live.”

I’ll drink to that. Gyrothingamajigger, get your spin on.

“We tend to resolve our perplexity arising out of the experience that other people see the world differently than we see it ourselves by declaring that these others, in consequence of some basic intellectual and moral defect, are unable to see things ‘as they are’ and to react to them ‘in a normal way.’ We thus imply, of course, that things are in fact as we see them, and that our ways are the normal way.”

-Gustav Ichheiser


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