Quantum of Solace

I flipped on the BBC when I got home this evening, just in time to find out that the title of the 22nd James Bond film was revealed today. Since the phrase “Quantum of Solace” made no sense to me, I did a little bit of digging and found this synopsis of the original Ian Fleming short story.

“The crux of the story is the emotional phenomenon the Governor calls the Quantum of Solace, the smallest unit of human compassion that two people can have. As long as that compassion exists, people can survive, but when it is gone, when your partner no longer cares about your essential humanity, the relationship is over.

At the end of the story Bond is depressed, and suddenly finds his life of adventure to be fundamentally boring and unfulfilling compared to the real human drama the Governor has told him about.”

Ah, art imitating life. Impeccable timing. I wouldn’t expect anything less from the British. I mean, if they can come up with Marmite, what can’t they do? James Bond, I’ll issue an open proposal to trade you the real human drama for your life, any day. Hell, I’ll even let you keep the Bond Girls.

C-Mog, you were right; I think I finally hit my stride here. God damned shame that it took until today. It’s time once again to embrace the DILLIGAF way.


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