¿Cuál Es Un Dim Mak?

I love you, my INSEAD J08 bloggers, but the seriousness of your recent posts, and all the talk about the 2006 Career Statistics is a bit depressing. So, I bring you another one of DTLF’s infamous, seemingly nonsensical, yet deeply philosophic posts.

For some reason, Hallonman’s post about INSEAD’s Building Business in China course reminded me of this:

And no; I am not a flagrant racist who walks around all day in white sheets, burning crosses or anything. I love my Chinese brothers and sisters as much as I love my own. I just find Cantonese to be a wonderfully colorful language. Every time I hear it, I can’t help but think that a fight is about to break out and that I’ll finally be able to see a real, live Dim Mak.

“What the hewl is a Dim Mak?” you may ask. Let me enlighten you.

I will never leave the ’80s, ever.


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